Social and Networking Events

We put social into the social impact. Check out the social and networking events we’ve prepared for you!

RaAM15 Pre-conference pre-parties

Whether it’s your first time at a RaAM conference or you just want to see some familiar faces, you’re welcome to join us during the pre-conference pre-party (or biforek in Polish)! These get-togethers will take place 2-3 days before the conference, in two different time slots for your convenience. Participants who will have registered for the conference will receive a sign-up form to fill out where they will be asked to indicate if and when they’d like to meet.

Hope to see you there!

Keynote Speakers on Zoom Getting Coffee

You will find set times when you can zoom in to chat with one of our keynote speakers (and with anyone else who shows up).

Discover Białystok

Learn about the RaAM15 host institution from the comfort of your home. Can you score more points than our Keynote Speakers?

BYOB Happy Hour: a PhD Event*

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because life is a journey! Bring your own drinks and join your fellow PhD Students for a virtual get-together hosted by RaAM’s Postgraduate Liaison Justyna Wawrzyniuk

*Everybody’s welcome!

Polish your Polish

Cześć, co słychać? Join Patrycja, our PhD Candidate and a Teacher of Polish as a Foreign Language, for a quick lesson on Polish language. Do zobaczenia!

The Sailboat Metaphor for Structured Problem Solving: a 30-minute group coaching session

Structured Problem Solving is a great skill to learn that follows a simple 4-step process. By comparing human functioning to a sailboat and its journey, this coaching session offers a clear and structured way to evaluate and deal with your problems.

Coffee break coaching session hosted by dr Allison Creed – anacademic educator,metaphor scholar, and ICF accredited coach.

Check out our conference schedule for details & plan your visit(s)! Some of the events will be available prior to or during the entire duration of the conference.

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Wydział Filologiczny UwB
Plac Niezależnego Zrzeszenia Studentów 1
15-420 Bialystok

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