Diversity and inclusion statement

The open exchange of ideas, the freedom of thought and expression, and respectful scientific debate are central to the aims of RaAM 2022.


These require a community and an environment that recognizes the inherent worth of every person and group, that fosters dignity, understanding, and mutual respect, and that embraces diversity. We are thus committed to sharing values of diversity and inclusion. We view diversity with respect to racial and ethnic background, religious beliefs (or lack thereof), gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, (dis)ability, socio-economic background and language background to be assets within our community and a source of learning and opportunity. In order to foster diversity and inclusion, we seek to provide forums for varied perspectives and an open exchange of ideas in an unbiased and non-prejudicial way. The values expressed in this statement are recognized and supported fully by the organizing members of RaAM 2022. We will not tolerate behavior that runs counter to these values, as explicitly stated in our accompanying code of conduct[1].


We are committed to identifying and supporting diversity among the members of the RaAM 2022 scientific committee and awards committees, as well as with our keynote speakers, session chairs and presenters. Further, one criterion for acceptance of proposals for pre-conference workshops is the extent to which the workshop will offer artistic, intellectual, regional, ethnic, and/or cultural diversity to the conference. We will track and publish metrics on the conference website related to gender and national origin in connection with conference events.


Credits: This diversity and inclusion statement has been adapted from the RaAM2020 Conference and is based on that used at the Society for Political Methodology, as well as the example policy from the   Geek Feminism wiki, created by the Ada Initiative and other volunteers.


[1] https://raam15.uwb.edu.pl/index.php/code-of-conduct/

© 2022, 15th Researching and Applying Metaphor Conference

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