Prof. Susan Lee Nacey 

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (Norway)

Susan Nacey a professor of English as a second/foreign language (an American ex-pat), and currently work as the Vice Dean for Research at the Faculty of Education at the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences. Her main research interests are metaphor and learner language, with a focus on Norwegian L2 English, as well as L2 Norwegian. She published a monograph entitled Metaphors in Learner English in 2013, dealing with metaphors produced in the written English of Norwegian students, as well as methodological issues concerning the Metaphor Identification Procedure (MIPVU). She is an editor of the scientific journal Metaphor and the Social World, an associate editor of Metaphor and Symbol, and a member of the editorial board of the Nordic Journal of English Studies.


The superpowers of metaphor researchers



That metaphor is all around us may be no secret to RaAM conference delegates but may surprise others. In this plenary talk, I will show how our knowledge about and awareness of metaphor gives us ‘superpowers’ that enable us to contribute in different ways to a wide variety of disciplines as well as to communicate with different stakeholders. To do so, I will focus on the inspiration for some of the different metaphor projects and publications I have worked on in the past two decades: the backstory leading to publications ranging from blog posts related to current events to scientific publications about learner language and other topics. This talk is especially intended to give early career researchers an idea of what they have let themselves in for, together with what they may have in store in their futures. The talk may also provide motivation for more experienced metaphor researchers to contribute with their perspectives and reflections about the various research paths open to metaphor scholars.

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