Authors are asked to register by July 31 for their paper to be included in the program. In the case of co-authored papers, at least one author must be present at the conference. Non-presenters are asked to register by August 31.

Registration includes (a) paying the conference fee and (b) filling out the registration form. You have to be a RaAM member to access both. Go here to register for the conference.

Conference fees:

• Author – regular member – 40 EUR / 200 PLN 

• Author – student member – 20 EUR / 100 PLN 

• Non-presenter – 10 EUR / PLN

© 2022, 15th Researching and Applying Metaphor Conference

Wydział Filologiczny UwB
Plac Niezależnego Zrzeszenia Studentów 1
15-420 Bialystok

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